This Tempting Trio Will Make Your Family’s Holiday Even Sweeter.

by Kelli Richardson

Candy Cane Pops

This is the perfect treat for kids during the holidays because it combines all their favorite sweets into one! It’s also relatively simple to make. You’ll need kid-sized candy canes, crushed and whole, along with large marshmallows and melted chocolate. Spear a large marshmallow with a candy cane, and then dip in melted chocolate, letting the excess drip off. Finish with a roll in crushed candy canes, and you have a pretty party dessert that’s as easy to pick up as it is to eat!
Source: Kim Kelly / Liv Life.

Grinch Punch

All the Whos down in Whoville like this sweet, easy-to-make drink! Fill a large punch bowl with 2 liters of Sprite and tint with green food coloring. Add 2 pints of vanilla ice cream and mix the ingredients together. For a festive touch, dip glass rims in a bowl of water and then a plate of green sugar before serving. Even the Grinch himself would want a sip.
Source: Kelsey and Babble

Gunther the Reindeer

Gunther the reindeer is a kid-pleasing holiday treat for packed lunches or playdates. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to shape any kind of sandwich, then add marshmallows with chocolate chips for the eyes, and a red M&M nose.  Artfully arrange sandwich scraps and crusts to make ears and antlers. Gunther’s friendly face makes a festive plate!
Source: Kellie Strickland / Little Nummies.  


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