The past 18 months have been a roller coaster! Halloween gives your family a chance to dress up and have some good, old-fashioned fun. According to a survey by the National Confectioners Association, 80% of Americans are planning to trick or treat. Here are some ways to make the most of Halloween and stay safe:

Trunk or Treat

You can do this with neighbors or a group from school or other friends. It’s simple: decorate the inside of your trunk for Halloween and put bowls of candy inside. Then, meet up with your group. The kids can dress up and go from trunk to trunk to get their treats.

Distance Yourself

While trick or treating is an outdoor activity, keeping physical distance from others is still important to make the experience as safe as possible this year. Try waiting at the end of a driveway while another family is at the door.

Wear a Mask

Even if it’s not part of your costume, wear a mask (anyone 2 years old and older). While you walk around, you can pull it down on your chin. Then, as you  approach a house to get candy OR if people are getting close, you can quickly pull it into place.

Bring Sanitizer

Keeping germs at bay will help keep your family healthy. Use one that is at least 60% alcohol after a few houses. Repeat.

Be Seen

Give kids glowsticks and bring a flashlight so that cars can easily spot your family while you are walking.

Limit Your Stops

Encounter less people by visiting fewer houses than you may have in years past. Your kids will still get plenty of candy!

Wash Hands Well

Once you’re home, be sure everyone washes their hands well before diving into their treats. Not only does this help protect against the virus, but it’s also a good habit to get your kids into!

Out & About

If you want to do something outdoors, but aren’t quite ready to trick or treat, here are some ways to make Halloween shine.

Costumes on Parade: Talk to your neighbors and arrange a costume parade. You can do it the day before Halloween, so it won’t interfere with trick or treating and gives the kids another chance to wear their costumes.

“Boo” Friends and Family: Make the week leading up to Halloween special by dropping off bags of candy and other Halloween goodies. You can find cute, free printable “You’ve been booed!” signs at And maybe they’ll pay it forward to someone else to keep the fun going!

-Tali Benjamin

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