The timer clicked down another five minutes and the chain holding the hungry zombie to the wall lengthened. One of my Girl Scouts jumped onto a table while another brave soul set up a loud chant (a Christmas carol?!) to keep the zombie’s focus away from the group trying hard to solve the last puzzle between us and escape. While the teenagers nimbly avoided being “eaten” and enthusiastically solved the riddles, I contributed by shrieking and standing on a window ledge. With only 20 minutes to go, we still hadn’t found the master key, and the zombie was almost within striking distance …

Trapped in a Room with a Zombie is a fun, interactive production run out of an old building in Tucker. You and the 11 others in your session (if you have fewer in your group you may share your session with others) have 60 minutes to locate numerous clues and solve riddles leading to an escape from the locked room before the zombie can reach you. The riddles in the room stimulate critical thinking – from requiring groups to work with uncommon units of measurement to sleuthing tricky genealogy, with a rebus thrown in for good measure!

 To find all the clues, you literally have to take the room apart, examining every surface, nook and cranny, all under time pressure as the zombie gains a foot of chain every five minutes. The hour flies by in a flurry of nonstop physical and mental entertainment, combining elements of Sherlock Holmes with the time pressure of games such as A Minute to Win It.

   My teenage group loved this activity and I was impressed and humbled to see the speed at which they organized a system to hunt down information, distract the zombie and communicate, becoming a real team. A fair amount of squealing was involved!
   The zombie element is real and fun (makeup, some howling and tattered clothing is involved) but it’s not so scary as to keep you, or younger kids, from enjoying the hour. The goal is not to scare you, but to keep the time pressure on.
   This would be a terrific team building activity, birthday party or young adult outing. Go at night for that extra boost of adrenaline the dark always brings!

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