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These helpful solutions for new parents were developed by metro Atlanta entrepreneurs.

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Traveling with a baby and sleeping in the same room can be anything but restful for parents and infant. SlumberPod is a portable, pop-up cover that encloses a travel crib to make it dark for optimum sleep. Baby can’t see you move around, and won’t be disturbed by noise or light. Available for $149.99.
Mother-daughter duo Lou Childs and Katy Mallory launched the Kickstarter project in July, and founded Decatur-based startup Dovetail Essentials, LLC.

Clover & Birch

Eco-friendly toys are becoming more popular, and Clover & Birch makes wooden toys, pacifier clips and mobiles for eco-conscious families. The teethers and pacifier clips are made of smooth wood, and the activity gyms keep babies occupied for hours. Available on the website and Seed Factory. $10-$150.
Smyrna-based Taylor Melton wanted sustainably-made products for her daughter and launched the business in 2012.

And Baby Company Shoulder and Lap Burp Pad

When feeding baby and switching sides moms and dads often have to move a burp cloth around. The innovative design of this burp pad doubles the size of a normal cloth to cover both shoulders.
Atlantans Barbara Harvey and Pat Morgan hope to have this product in stores by October. Visit the website for more information on pricing and how to purchase.

Lalabu Soothe Shirt

The creators of Lalabu Shirts wanted an easier solution to babywearing. The Soothe Shirts come in three colors and feature a pouch with secure fabric to easily hold baby and a built-in nursing bra. “Dad Shirts” are T-shirts with a built-in pouch. Available for $75 each.
Brian and Keri Fosse of Atlanta invented Lalabu Soothe Shirts after a trip to Africa, where they noticed mothers wearing babies was a part of everyday life.

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