Bring a good stroller that is easy to get on and off of a bus. If you are staying on the property and not renting a car, you will appreciate an easy-to-collapse stroller that you can maneuver on and off buses. Many companies offer rental strollers they will deliver to your hotel. Renting may provide a great opportunity to try a double stroller to haul tired kids around.

Take time for naps and try not to over schedule. Breaks helped my husband and I recharge as much as they helped our toddler. Start the day early at the parks, and come back to the hotel for nap time. Then, the whole family will be ready to hang out at the pool (our toddler’s favorite Disney attraction!), eat an earlier dinner, or enjoy the parks for a couple of hours in the less busy late afternoon and early evening.

Be aware that restaurant meals might be a challenge. As an alternative, take a stroller walk around Epcot’s tour of the world. Our son loved peering from his stroller at the different countries and he especially enjoyed the Maelstrom Norway Boat Ride. We stopped to eat at a couple of counter-service restaurants along the way and split entrees and shared desserts. It was fun to watch our child get excited about some international foods he tried while spitting out foods he found less savory.

Hollywood Studios may not be worth your time with a toddler. Most rides are geared to older children. If you are pregnant, the rides you and your toddler can do are limited. We found ourselves squeezed in with all the toddlers and their parents at the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground, wishing there was more to experience for younger kids at this park.

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