Tee for Three (or Plenty More!)

We approach hole one, and our 4-year-old son and I watch my husband line up his throw from the tee pad. He winds up and tosses his disc. It travels 100… 200… 300 feet and it lands near the basket. Our son moves swiftly to the closer tee pad, ready to make his move. We’re disc golfing, and the game has become one of our favorite family activities.
Around since the 1970s, disc golf is played like ball golf, but instead of hitting a ball with a club, you throw a specially designed disc into a target, which most often is a metal chain basket raised off the ground on a pole. The object is to throw your disc into the designated hole in the fewest strokes possible. The number of holes varies, and some courses are more challenging than others. Each player utilizes three basic discs to play; a putter, a midrange and a driver disc, which can be bought as a set.
How did we discover disc golf? My husband used to play with friends, but one day when my son and I visited him on a course, we thought it looked like fun and realized we could all play together. The game is so easy to learn and anyone of any age or ability can play, and many courses are designed with two T-pads, one for intermediate/advanced players and another closer to the hole/basket for beginners and children, and those with physical limitations. The easygoing pace helps us develop strategic thinking skills as we consider how to reach a challenging hole. It’s also a low-cost sport since most courses are free to use, and being outdoors keeps us in touch with nature.
Over the years, we’ve played throughout Georgia. In fact there are more than 70 disc golf courses in our state and counting, and the Professional Disc Golf Association is based in Appling, Ga. Disc golf can be played year-round, and gear is easy to take along so we’ve played on vacation in other states, too. With every game, we’re making memories, enjoying green spaces, and staying active. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a day with my family!
– Ayanna Cato-Hawkins

Recommended Courses for Beginners

Alexander Park: 800 Old Snellville Hwy., Lawrenceville. 678-277-0890; gwinnettcounty.com
Wills Park: 11925 Wills Rd., Alpharetta. 678-297-6162; willspark.com
Oregon Park: 145 Old Hamilton Rd., Marietta. 770-528-8890; prca.cobbcountyga.gov/parksn-r.htm    
Village Green Park: 204 Willowbend Rd., Peachtree City. 770-631-2542; peachtree-city.org/index.aspx?nid=850


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