Academe of the Oaks

146 New Street, Decatur
Phone: 404-405-2173

Academe of the Oaks, offers the formidable Waldorf high-school curriculum, integrating intellectual, practical, social, and aesthetic pursuits. Academe’s distinctive educational approach is both individual and global; it is holistic, humanistic, and purposeful.

Academe’s college-preparatory curriculum includes coursework in mathematics, sciences, and humanities; fine and practical arts; drama and music; and environmental education. At Academe, hands-on, “experiential” learning in the lab and in the field complements study of primary source materials, both classic and contemporary. Through an experiential approach and prioritizing knowing how to learn, students cultivate a skill set applicable in any class. A focus on performance and demonstrating knowing how to learn, allows students the opportunity to internalize the meaning of course material, and then rearticulate truths they discover and essentially teach each other. Each opportunity to perform builds understanding and establishes a life-long love of learning. Students leave Academe confident in their ability to ask the essential questions, and lead others to the discovery of meaning.

Located just east of downtown Decatur, Academe of the Oaks serves students in grades nine through twelve. Please call to schedule a visit or see our website for more information.