Woodberry Compass

148 Woodberry Station, Woodberry Forest, VA
Phone: 540-672-3900

Woodberry Compass asks middle school boys to dive deep into new challenges on their picturesque 1,200-acre Virginia campus. Each day, campers take on two main activities, one from the Adventure category and one from the Intellect category. In the morning, they’ll either hike the Perimeter Trail, romp in the Rapidan River, or scale the Climbing Tower. After lunch, boys will work in teams as they learn to code and fly drones through obstacle courses, and explore video journalism as they write, film, and edit their own vlog about their camp experience. In the evening, the whole camp comes together for a Leadership Simulation. Boys immerse themselves in roles that interact – and sometimes conflict – with one another. With help from counselors and camp faculty, they’ll learn how to work together to overcome these conflicts and accomplish team goals.  Camp dates are June 18-25, 2022.