The Premo School

11420 Crabapple Rd, Roswell
Phone: 404-655-7779

At The Premo School, children have the space and time to play, make mistakes, experiment, take risks, find their voices, reflect, and grow.

The school is a community of Young 5’s - 8th grade learners, led by a faculty of master teachers. The class groupings are fluid, allowing students to be challenged at every ability level.

Students participate in a weekly hands-on science lab. In book club, each child reads a different work of literature every month. History comes alive through plays, debates, presentations, and reenactments. Math is both rigorous and low-stress. Fine arts are incorporated into every day. Twice weekly yoga helps students develop focus, organization, and strength. Middle schoolers gain confidence and leadership skills with monthly presentations to the whole school. Monthly field trips allow students explore the world around them.

The Premo School offers families a Monday-Thursday schedule. Students have a minimum of one hour of outdoor recess every day. Class groupings are, on average, 1:7 and meet outside as much as possible. Visit to learn more or call 404-655-7779.

When a child loves their school, anything is possible.