The Howard School

1192 Foster Street, Atlanta
Phone: 404-377-7436

The Howard School’s story stretches back to 1950, when an amazing woman with cerebral palsy changed the landscape of education in Atlanta. Marian Howard epitomized a strong, southern woman, never allowing her physical disability to deter her from her true passion – creating an educational world with no boundaries, labels, or diminished expectations. To that end, Howard worked with Dr. Hermon Martin, Georgia’s first child psychologist, on plans to open a school specifically for children with learning differences. In April of 1950, the school opened in Howard’s house on North Decatur Road with only three students. Her dedication, personal sacrifice, and commitment to students and families established The Howard School as a unique program that has continued to grow into the transformational program it is today – a full and robust academic program in which an interdisciplinary team of experts come together to make learning meaningful for every child. Today, The Howard School includes approximately 300 students, and is the only K-12 school for children with language-based learning differences in the City of Atlanta. Visit, or call 404-377-7436 to learn more and schedule a tour.