St. Benedict’s Episcopal Preschool

2160 Cooper Lake Road SE, Smyrna
Phone: 678-279-4300

Play is the most important work of children! St. Benedict’s believes in the sanctity of childhood and the value of play. When you visit one of their preschool classrooms you will see blocks strewn across the floor, paint smeared hands, a drum circle, laughter and singing. The students are scientists, mathematicians, artists and architects. They solve problems, think deeply and use their imagination. An introduction to phonemic awareness is the foundational building block to literacy. Because the school values second language learning, students also receive daily Spanish instruction. Students attend chapel and music classes weekly. Through the Episcopal values of inclusion and respect for diversity, St. Benedict’s nourishes children’s natural curiosity, energy and enthusiasm to learn and discover the world around them. Before and after school care and summer camps are offered.