Anne and Jim Kenan Preschool at Atlanta Speech School

3160 Northside Parkway NW, Atlanta
Phone: 404-233-5332

Kenan Preschool supports children’s passion for knowledge and learning by encouraging creativity, developing confidence and constructing brains built for reading. The early childhood teaching teams apply the latest research on how young children best develop and learn complex language, critical-thinking, self-regulation, world knowledge and empathy. An intentional focus on pre-literacy and language development – throughout all curriculum content areas, including the language of math, science, social studies, and more – maximizes early growth of the reading brain. Classes are offered for ages 2 through Kindergarten, with Enrichment classes and Extended Day programs. All classes are led by teachers with advanced degrees and expertise in early childhood development, dedicated to supporting each child’s voice so they can go on to make the most difference in the lives of others. Atlanta;