Kefi Atlanta

3637 Peachtree Rd. NE, Suite D, Atlanta
Phone: 404-937-3352

An Innovative Play Space for Kids

Kefi is an innovative play space for kids ages 12 and younger, with two spaces for parents to relax or work – without guilt. I work from home so I can be accessible to my kids, but when I do need to work while they are home, I feel guilty for not giving them my full attention.

On its own, Kefi is a great place to let your kids have fun. Each child gets a digital wristband that links your kids to you digitally for safety. Turnstiles at entries and exits are manned by employees for added safety. Kefi offers “story-driven play environments” that combine augmented reality, technology and free play to spark imagination. My kids’ favorite was Toy Tropolis, an interactive playroom with all the toys you probably have at home, like a Barbie dream house and all the Avengers. The reason it’s better than your house is that there is a digital playmate that can give suggestions, change floor projections and help build play stories. My daughter Cricket, age 6, loved that she could take Thanos to space or the ocean. Before entering the Storycave, kids pick out a stuffed companion that accompanies them on their digital adventure. While we were there, the kids created their own dragons and then raced them on the big screen using their bodies as the controller.

Parents can hang out in one of two parent-only areas, the listening lounge or the oasis. The listening lounge has headphones and lots of comfy sitting nooks to relax or work. The oasis has more communal space but also enclosed nooks for phone calls.  If you want a coffee or snack, Kefi will send a server your way. You can log into the WiFi, drink your cappuccino and watch your kids play on a closed-circuit feed. If all this wasn’t enough, the amenity that makes Kefi totally worth it is the staff. The ratio of staff to kids is low and these people are awesome – they are interacting and playing with your kids and seem to be enjoying it. We’re talking about dance-offs and DJ lessons in the Beat Box. One employee sat with my 6-year-old for 20 minutes, teaching her how to build a roller coaster in the toy testing area. My kids loved this experience so much, they didn’t want to leave and immediately asked when we were going back. I loved it because I completed a work project while my kids had a great time using their imaginations and staying active. While there, I texted numerous friends a photo of my coffee and kids playing on TV with the line, “I live here now,” and you’ll probably do the same.

Know Before You Go: For safety reasons, kids can’t go in and out of the play area, so feed them snacks before you go. There is an enclosed play space for crawling children and a private nursing area. Check-in took a few minutes between confirming the reservation and getting wristbands, so be patient. There is a discount for advance reservations.
- Lauren Townsend

The Details: Mon.-Sat., 9 a.m.-6 p.m.