The Mount Vernon School

471 Mt. Vernon Highway NE, Atlanta
510 Mt. Vernon Highway NE, Atlanta
Phone: (404) 252-3448

At The Mount Vernon School, we strive to design a better world. We believe that empathy influences learning and that learners of all ages can apply knowledge to make an impact. Therefore, we set conditions for our faculty, staff, and students to engage locally, nationally, and globally to make a difference.

Through design thinking; project-based learning; and maker, design, and engineering efforts, our learners engage with their community in order to inquire and innovate. Students have designed prosthetic hands with 3D printers, created bio-engineering solutions to some of medicine’s greatest challenges, offered to consult for some of the biggest brands in Atlanta, and drafted digital blueprints for a commercial development park. This style of learning naturally integrates science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.

When young learners believe they can make an impact, they become more motivated, engaged, and committed to their learning. Our students are empowered to prepare for their future by designing a better world, today. Visit