Camp Village

Phone: 404-349-0122

For 15 years Camp Village, Inc. has been inspiring children to change the world. More than 60 role models – professionals, business mentors, retired teachers/principals, counselors and volunteers expose campers to activities that provide positive lifelong experiences.

Camp Village encourages a culturally diverse environment for ages 5-18, who participate in a range of activities, including arts/culture, basketball, chess, dance, drama, drumming, etiquette, fashion/ grooming, gardening, golf, gymnastics, horseback riding, Jr. Apprenticeship Program, math, money management, music, public speaking, reading, robotics, rocket building, fun science, skating, soccer, Spanish, swimming, tea parties, Taekwondo, tennis, writing, yoga and weekly field trips.

Camp Village is also training students year-round, 10 to 18, in the Jr. Apprentice Program at the student’s store, C.A.U.S.E. for Elegance, located at Phipps Plaza. The men/women’s apparel sold support Camp Village, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization. For the 15th anniversary celebration, Camp Village will produce Disney’s Lion King Experience, July 14-15, at The Ray Charles Center of Performing Arts.

For information:, 404-349-0122 or email