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The beginning of a new school year means it’s backpack time! These picks have substance and style to hold it all while making packing and unpacking the school day’s gear anything but boring.


MadPax Backpack

These ultra cool backpacks are truly one of a kind. The four unique 3-dimensional designs are anything but ordinary. Whether your kids choose to rock Bubble, Spiketus Rex, Lator Gator, or Bloks, the durable and vibrant backpacks will have them bouncing off the walls for back-to-school this year. Full Packs, $60; Half packs, $44-$48,

SuperME Backpack

Being super is no longer reserved just for the Marvel heroes. Equipped with a hidden cape and mask, every child can transform their identity as quickly as the pros. This backpack isn’t just super in looks, but it’s super functional and super comfortable. $39.90,

FourPeas Backpacks

FourPeas designer backpacks are a great choice for little style-lovers in your family. Parents can trust these PVC-free bags to last all year and kids love that backpacks can be personalized with an embroidered name. Toddler sizes fit preschoolers and school packs fit children through 8th grade. $25-$35,

ZipIt 3-Ring Monster Pouch

Make a monster hold your kids’ writing gear! These pencil pouches fit into binders easily and fully unzip wide mouths to keep pencils and pens in place. Four bright colors– pink, green, blue and pumpkin – appeal to both boys and girls, and the monsters’ personalities show in their eyes! $6-$8, and Staples stores.

Fashionit Notebook Accessories

This year your tween’s notebooks can be just as cool as her outfits. Fashionit allows girls to not only protect, but style their school supplies with cute covers and add-on charms. Each cover is washable and contains inside pockets and pen holders. Now that is a back-to-school makeover. $5-$14.99,


Staples Twist Calculator

A new twist on the compact calculator is easy to stash and take along. When closed, only the display screen is visible, but the secret key pad opens with a twist! Red and pink versions are available. $4, and Staples stores.

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