Five High-Flying Zip Line Tours in Atlanta

Lake Lanier Canopy Tours

Lake Lanier Islands Resort 
7000 Lanier Islands Pkwy., Buford. About 45 miles from Atlanta.

Lake Lanier Canopy Tours offers four different experiences: Atlanta Parent tried the two-hour Legacy Tour, which features seven zip lines and two sky bridges all around the lake’s Legacy Lodge. Zippers remain up in the tree canopy the entire time, often on platforms. Our mom and kids were handled by two tour guides who did all the hard work, allowing them to just zip along and enjoy the magnificent scenery. One guide always went first – to make sure that the zip line was clear and safe, but also to “receive” each person as they zipped to each platform. Other options here include the more adventurous Pine Isle Tour (up to four hours), which features the highest and fastest lines among its 11 total zip lines, all with views of the lake. The Lakeside Tour (three-four hours) has 14 zip lines and four sky bridges, but is not as “high adventure” as the Pine Isle. The Legacy “night tour” is also available: headlamps, glow sticks, lanterns and the moon light the way. The night tour is not recommended as anyone’s first zip-line experience.

  • What the kids liked most: Screaming really loud (at the guides’ request) to scare the next group of people who were at the training camp below!
  • What parents liked most: Trying to drop a golf ball into a bucket below while on the Pine Isle course in an attempt to win a T-shirt or a discount on the next tour – because we’re definitely going back!
  • Know before you go: Reservations and waivers required. Minimum age is 8, and minimum weight requirement is 50-70 lbs., depending on the tour. Group tours available for 8-10 zippers. Water is available along these courses. Cameras with straps are allowed. 

North Georgia Canopy Tours

5290 Harris Rd., Lula. About 65 miles from Atlanta.
Billed as “Georgia’s Ultimate Zipline – A Treetop Adventure,” North Georgia Canopy Tours offers three choices. Our daring mom plus kids tried the Adventure Tour, which spans more than three hours and 12 zip lines as riders zip over ponds, over the North Oconee River and much more, finishing with a dual zip line. It’s a workout! There’s also the Premium Adventure Tour that includes video and digital photos (limited to a smaller group of six), and the Sky Bridge Tour, a two-hour adventure with zip lines, two sky bridges, two nature walks and the dual zip line race. Two guides assisted with the equipment and handled the hard work, with one going ahead and one bringing up the rear. What a fantastic time – to simply go flying!

  • What the kids liked most: High adventure, the great views and racing each other on the dual zip lines.
  • What parents liked most: It’s a cool tour and the guides help you in every possible way. 
  • Know before you go: Online reservations are a must, and every zipper must sign a waiver. Be prepared to hike a half-mile. Kids 10-15 must be accompanied by an adult but be able to participate independently. If accompanied by an adult other than a parent, a minor must have a copy of his parent’s driver’s license. Minimum age is 10; minimum weight is 70 lbs. Use GPS coordinates to get there, rather than entering the address. One road is bumpy with flying gravel. This wilderness attraction offers much more, including air-conditioned teepees and other lodging options. Afraid to camp? Ask about “glamping”!

Treetop Quest

Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center, Buford and Brook Run Park, Dunwoody
2020 Clean Water Dr., Buford. About 65 miles from Atlanta.
This self-guided obstacle course amid the forest canopy is a physical workout! Each participant gets a harness, gloves (helmets for small kids), plus other equipment so you can move through various courses. Learn the basics at “ground camp,” then you’re free to swing through each course as many times as you want during the 2½ hours. Guides on the ground are there to help you (the “zipper”), but this is an adventure you can enjoy at your own pace. There are five different zip-line/canopy courses to choose from; “Your Place in the Sun” is the most challenging and difficult. You’ll be climbing ladders, moving across suspension bridges, encountering pirate-like cargo nets and much more as you hook and unhook yourself from one zip line to another, all in a beautifully shaded ecological paradise.

  • What the kids liked most: The challenge of being on their own and never having to wait before they moved on! The kids liked Course 3 because it had the most zip lines and required less work. 
  • What parents liked most: The many options. If you are zipping with smaller children, there are courses made just for them. And if you want to go on a specific course all on your own, you can.
  • Know before you go: Anyone under 18 must be supervised by an adult (one adult is required for every three kids). All zippers must sign a waiver, available on the website so you can fill it out at home. Bring a cooler with water, etc., as water is not available at this course. 

Screaming Eagle Zip Line Canopy Tours

Historic Banning Mills
205 Horseshoe Dam Rd., Whitesburg. About 43 miles west of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Banning Mills’ Screaming Eagle is one of the world’s largest zip-line canopy tour courses (almost 40,000 lineal feet), with five levels to choose from. At Level 1, the Forest Tour, enjoy nine zip lines, one or two sky bridges and a cool tower. The Forest tour and the new Woodland tour were designed with families in mind. Allow up to 2½ hours. Guides take up groups of 10-12 after training you. The motto here is “200 percent safe.” This tour employs the buddy system: Each climber must check with a buddy before unclipping to transfer to another location.

  • What the kids liked most: “Swinging through the air like a monkey was the most fun ever!”
  • What parents liked most: Having total confidence in the guides, who were friendly and knowledgeable, and the camaraderie that developed among the group as others cheered you on.
  • Know before you go: Advance reservations are required. For Level 1, participants must be at least 8 years old and weigh more than 50 lbs. All other levels: must be at least 10 years old and weigh at least 90 lbs. You must be able to climb two 65-foot towers, a 100-foot tower and perhaps even a 150-foot tower. Banning Mills offers lodging in cabins and cottages, as well as a lodge and an RV and tent park. The lodge restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are also a full range of outdoor activities such as hiking and kayaking. Check the website for package deals.

Callaway Gardens’ TreeTop Adventure

17800 U.S. Hwy 27, Pine Mountain. About 70 miles from Atlanta.

TreeTop Adventure is a self-guided ropes course that covers nearly 1,500 feet horizontally and soars up to 30 feet above the ground. The five zip lines, ranging from 44 to 210 feet long, are interspersed with 19 different obstacles, including suspension bridges, swinging beams and high wires. Allow about 90 minutes.

  • What the kids liked most: Ropes course seemed like obstacles in spy movies.
  • What parents liked most: The mandatory training session included a trial zip line close to the ground; guides evaluate your ability to stop before you get up in the trees.
  • Know before you go: Reservations required. Climbers must be at least 54 inches tall. Guides ensure that all equipment is properly secured. Kids must pay attention so they can recall the safety instructions. Open on rainy days, but closes during thunderstorms. The Discovery Café in the Discovery Center, adjacent to TreeTop Adventures, offers indoor and outdoor seating and sells drinks, sandwiches, ice cream and more. This 13,000-acre one-stop family resort and nature preserve also has several lodging options, a butterfly conservatory, swimming, a wide range of kids’ activities, superb bike paths and more.
  • Cost: $33.10 (includes tax); gardens admission fee is an additional $18 for adults, $9 for children. Check the website for seasonal packages, including additional activities, lodging and meals.

Hats off to our two thrill-seeking moms, Amy Smith and Beth Balga, plus the kids they took to try out these zippy adventures!

Tips for Every Zipper:

  • Before you go, educate yourself on all you need to know and are required to bring to any specific zip-line course, such as a signed waiver, permission slips or a photocopy of a parent’s driver’s license (sometimes required for minors).
  • Read the website of the canopy tour outfit you are considering. Pay attention to age, height and weight requirements. Most zip lines cannot allow participants who weigh more than 250-285 lbs.
  • Make reservations in advance online (for most zip-line adventures).
  • Aim to arrive 15-30 minutes before your reservation time.
  • Tie back long hair. Don’t wear skirts or short-shorts, loose-fitting clothing or jewelry. Wear sneakers (no open-toed shoes or flip-flops).
  • Bring plenty of water.
  • Be sure to use the restroom just before beginning your adventure.
  • It’s customary to thank the guides who teach and tend to you; tip jars are available at some locations.
  • You can zip in the rain and cold. Unless there’s thunder, lightning or heavy wind, your tour is a go!