Great Gifts for Great Teachers

We love getting feedback from our readers! As school winds down, it's time for teacher gifts. Here are some great ideas from our Facebook page. 

When I was room mom, I purchased a large terra cotta pot and had all kids put their finger prints on it – these were then made into butterflies, bees, caterpillars, flowers and they signed their names by the finger print. I planted the pot with flowers.

                   – Michelle Rhodes Evarts 

As a teacher my best gift was a half-hour massage.    
I loved/needed every minute of it!

                   – Roberta Martin

Best gift was a painting of my dog with my favorite football team integrated into the painting.

                   – Chadd Stern

The best end-of-year gift I have received as a kindergarten teacher is a tote bag with that year’s class picture on it. I carry my lesson plans and papers in it. It’s a great keepsake. 

                   – Moriah Bader Derakhshan

Some of my favorite gifts as a teacher were really nice kitchen items ... and many years later I can still remember which children gave them to me. Another favorite gift was a scrapbook of our class year. It is truly a treasure!

                   – Leigh Ann Middleton

This past year I gave my son’s teachers a gift card for Redbox, bag of microwave popcorn and a box of candy all in a popcorn bowl.

                   – Patty Garrett Crawford

The best gifts I ever received were done by my room moms. One year I got a large lamp with all of my students’ pictures on the lampshade in flowers. Another year I got a repurposed chair that my room mom painted adorably then allowed all of the students to sign the back with paint pen. I use both of them in my classroom still. Another friend received an artificial tree with gift cards that the entire class brought in for her tied to the branches.

                   – Carmen Hail Smith

The best teacher appreciation gift I ever received was a framed class photo where all the children signed the frame.

                        – Shelley Hoster


I was given a beach bag, beach towel and gift card as a teacher gift several years ago and I still use them. It was a great gift, going into summer!

                  – Marianne Chew

I gave my son’s teacher a $25 gift card to Family Dollar and she loved it. She kept it to get supplies with for the following school year.

                  – Brandice Abrams 

A copy of a letter of appreciation to their [principal], with a quote re: “their impact on my future,” in a studentmade frame.

                  – Raquel Short

Simple «Thank You» card or letter from the parents and/or students.

                  – Sandra Fortune


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