Day 8: June 8

Craft: Princess Tiara
and Prince Crown

What better way to enjoy the summer than to be a prince or princess for a day? DIY crowns can help your little one become royalty. With a just a few supplies found at any craft store, kids can create a beautiful royal headpiece. For princess tiaras, measure and cut a stem of pipe cleaner to fit around her head. Tie the two ends together to create a circle. Next, wrap pieces of a star wire garland around the circular pipe cleaner to decorate your tiara. Tie long pieces of curling ribbon, in several colors, to the circle to finish off your beautiful crown.
For decorative crown for your prince charming, measure and cut a piece of bulletin board trimmer to fit around his head. Tape, staple or glue the two ends together. Decorate your crown using markers, stickers, paint, what ever you’d like.

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