Cover Kid Advice From One Parent to Another

Advice from one parent to another: Tips from past Cover Kid winners


“Don’t take it personally if your child isn’t chosen. We submitted one year and Presley wasn’t picked as a finalist but a semi-finalist. So we decided to submit next year and she was picked.”
Elena, Mom of Presley Morales, Cover Kid July 2013.

“Do it for fun! If your child wants to participate in the finalist activities, encourage them. If they feel shy or afraid, don’t force them or make them feel bad. No pressure, just enjoy the experience.”
Steph, Mom of Sophia Smith, Cover Kid December 2011.

“Make sure your child really likes getting his/her picture taken and to submit a very natural picture of your child – your child should look like a kid.”
Anne, Mom of Olivia Hall, Cover Kid April 2008.

“The best thing about the Cover Kids Contest is seeing how my daughter realized her beauty, both inside and out. It gave her a renewed sense of confidence. The positive reaction she received from family, friends, teachers, and classmates was priceless.”
Kim, Mom of Kamryn Washington, Cover Kid February 2014.

“The only advice I would have is to be patient. It’s a process like anything else and you have to go through it step by step. It’s exciting and nerve racking waiting for answers, but it was worth it in the long run.”
Misty, Mom of Jordan Barry, Cover Kid December 2006.

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