Day 4: June 4

Sock Puppets Sponsored by the 

The Roswell Summer Puppet Series has been entertaining children and families since 1998. Now in its 16th season, the series features nationally-renowned puppeteers bringing all varieties of puppets and marionettes to the stage for a collection of whimsical and captivating performances and at $5 per ticket, it's a family summertime best bet! 950 Forrest St., Roswell. 770-594-6232.

One winner will receive two tickets to each remaining 10:00AM Thursday show in the summer series, click here to enter. Contest ends Friday, June 7th!

Sock Puppets: These puppets are cheap and easy to make. Add your favorite buttons, fabric scraps and loose craft items to jazz it up! There’s always a sock that doesn’t have a mate – now is the perfect time to use it!

What you’ll need: sock, hot glue gun, pink or red felt, scissors, googly eyes, and other craft decorations for the body. Other items can include; buttons, pom-poms, yarn, markers

How to Make:

At the toe end of the sock, hot glue two googly eyes. Let the glue dry before testing out your puppet by inserting the child’s hand into the sock to determine where the mouth should be. Push the sock in where the mouth would be and add your felt. Be creative and cut the felt to add just a tongue or even a whole mouth. Glue the felt into the mouth and let the mouth dry for a minute or two. Add a nose, bows, even hair! Be as creative with the design as you are acting them out. Let the puppet fully dry before playing with them. Make some extras for a fun filled puppet show!

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