Day 10: June 10

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta is the city’s only children’s museum and located by Centennial Park. The Museum was created for crawling babies up to age eight to learn through hands-on play. This summer, join the Imaginators – the Museum’s professional troupe of actor educators – for a 50-state adventure in the feature exhibit WEEBLES Coast to Coast. (Now through September 8, 2013)
Address: 275 Centennial Olympic Park Dr., Atlanta 30313
Phone: 404-659-5437
Hours: Mon-Fri: 10 a.m.-4 p.m.; Weekends: 10 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Activity: Make a state collage

The museum’s summer feature exhibit, WEEBLES Coast to Coast takes visitors on a road trip through all 50 states. Discuss with your children all of the states that they have visited. Which state is their favorite? Celebrate these states together by creating a collage of what makes that state so special. For example, a collage of Florida could have images of palm trees, beaches, oranges, sand castles, and more.  

1. Choose the state you want to use in your collage.
2. Look through old magazines for pictures that represent things that make you think of that state.
3. Use child safe scissors to cut out pictures.
4. Glue pictures to a poster (you could trace the shape of the state you chose and fill it in with the pictures).
5. Hang up and enjoy!

Click here to enter to admission for a family of four to the Children's Museum.

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