Edible Pudding Finger Paint

Help your child learn about mixing colors with this fun experiment. A bonus: It’s safe to eat.


1 3.4-ounce package of vanilla pudding
2 cups milk
Food coloring
Small containers
White paper


Make the vanilla pudding by following the instructions on the box. This is something your child can help you with by mixing and stirring the powder and milk. While the pudding sets, place two to three drops of food coloring into separate containers. Scoop spoonfuls of pudding into the containers and mix together. Get out a sheet of paper and drop a spoonful of each color on to the paper. Let your child use his fingers to make designs and lines – while eating the pudding along the way.
Note: Make sure your child is wearing clothes you don’t mind getting messy and is also “painting” on an easy to clean surface

Source: http://www.lilsugar.com/Edible-Finger-Paint-Recipe-24083568
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