Frozen Inspired Crafts

The Disney movie Frozen has become popular with children of all ages. Your child will love making these crafts in honor of Olaf the snowman and Elsa the ice princess.

Elsa’s snowflake wand

Wooden dowel
Silver ribbon
Glitter snowflakes (floral section of the craft store)
Hot glue gun

Directions: Cut your dowel to size. Wrap the ribbon around the dowel, securing with the hot glue gun as you go. Cut off a snow flake and glue it to the end of the wand. Add a bow for added detail.


Frozen snow globes


Empty plastic snow globe from craft store or a Mason jar
Figurines for the inside
Super glue
Soda bottle cap

Directions: Glue your figurine to the inside lid of the jar. Let it dry for at least an hour. If you are using a mason jar, glue the soda lid on first before the figurine. Add a generous amount of glitter to your jar or globe and fill with water. Add a thin layer of glue to the inside of the lid to secure before tightening the lid in place.


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