Classic Character Quiz


We all remember the beloved characters such as Huck Finn and Clifford the Big Red Dog from our favorite childhood storybooks. Stimulate your child’s brain and help them with their memory skills, as we get closer to the school year with this fun, laid-back activity.
What you will need:
Pen or pencil

First, write down a column with a list of main characters from storybooks that your child has read before, such as Huckleberry Fin, Curious George or Clifford the Big Red Dog. When you are finished, begin quizzing he or she by saying the main characters and asking for another character within the story. When you have made it through the list, count up how many your child got right and let them know how well they did! To add some extra fun, sit down with a big bowl of popcorn and a cozy pillow and ready your child’s favorite book from this list.

Clifford the Big Red Dog and…..Emily
Huck Finn and…..Tom Sawyer
Curious George and….The man with the Yellow Hat
Charlie Brown and…..Snoopy