Pine Cone Bugs


Bugs are generally seen to be creepy and crawly, but these bugs will bring a smile to your child’s face with their pinecone bodies and big felt eyes. Here is a fun activity that will allow your child to create their own version of the bugs they see outside.
What you will need:
Waxed beading thread or colored string
Woodland collection: Pine cones, twigs, leaves, bark, or dried flowers
Small pieces of colored felt

Cut three lengths of thread or string, about 8 inches long. Tie a knot at each end for the feet. Tie the knotted string around the middle of the pinecone, leaving the ends dangling down to fashion the bug’s legs. Using what you would like from your woodland collection, create eyestalks for the bug and glue them into position. Cut out some small circles of felt to make the eyes. You can use two pieces of different colors, one big and one small, to create a contrasting color, using the smaller piece as the pupil. Glue them into position on the eyestalks. Squeeze a small amount of glue along the back of the pinecone and use either leaves or pieces of bark to create wings. Hold in place until secure. To suspend your bug from wherever you choose, simply tie a piece of string or ribbon around its middle.

This craft was taken with permission from Clare Youngs’ ‘Outdoor Green Crafts for Children: Find It, Make It.’