Make Your Own Silly Putty


Because the Bounce House is a place to get a little silly, let’s make some Silly Putty. Your kids may be awestruck as they watch these simple ingredients morph into a ball of bouncy goop.
What you need:
Elmer’s Glue
Liquid starch (found in the laundry aisle at grocery stores.)

What to do:
Using two parts Elmer’s glue to one part liquid starch (about ½ cup glue and ¼ cup starch) slowly pull starch into glue and mix. If it feels sticky, add more starch. Cover and refrigerate overnight.
Try adding some pizzazz to this creation by adding two drops of your favorite food coloring to the recipe. You could even have your child mix a few colors to create new multi-color putty. Also, try adding a pinch of loose glitter for some sparkle, or a unique scent with a drop of fragrance oil from Bath and Body Works. Store your Silly Putty in an Easter egg shell as an alternative to a boring plastic baggie.  Have fun stretching it, bouncing it, or just being plain-old goofy with it!

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