I Mustache You


Because we are thinking about Shakespeare, ‘The Emperor and the Nightengale,’ and theater today, we thought we’d get a little theatrical. Do you like to be silly? Kids as young as 5 can hand-sew these cute stuffed mustaches, which are sure to elicit plenty of giggles (and fun photo ops for parents). If you’re putting on a back yard skit, you might need this mustache for the villain – or another character. This activity is also a great way for a child to practice sewing for the first time; three strands of embroidery floss and a crewel needle are just right for small hands.
What to do: 
Download the pattern here, then print it out. Trace pattern onto woven cotton fabric (you can also use felt). Cut out two identical pieces. Match up your two mustache pieces, wrong sides together, and use the whip stitch (simple looping stitch, such as for sewing a hem) around the edge. Leave an opening (shown on pattern), then stuff the “inside” of your mustache with poly fiber – not too much, just enough to give it some shape. Next, stitch the gap up and insert a slender craft dowel or stick (try a chopstick, perhaps) between stitches to mount your mustache. You can also cut mustaches from construction paper, cardstock or craft foam and glue to the dowel instead.

-- Mary Abreu