Wind Chimes


Everyone loves the sweet melody of wind chimes swaying in a summer breeze. Adorn your porch with a musical creation made by your child. What a lovely way for a youngster to showcase his talent.

What you need:
Canning jar lid ring
Assortment of keys you no longer need

Cut five or six ribbons of equal length. Space the ribbons around the ring and tie them so that about a third of the ribbon length hangs from the top of the ring and the remaining two-thirds hangs below. Tie keys to the longer pieces of ribbon by looping the ribbon through the holes in the keys. Tie the shorter pieces of ribbon together about halfway up the ribbon, then tie again at the top. Hang the chimes from a hook and enjoy the beautiful song. Variation: You can also try this with old utensils such as spoons and forks, but you will need to tie ribbon tightly near the top of each utensil; the keys work well because they already have a built-in hole for your ribbon.