Bowling Fun


Bowling at home is fun and easy! Your kids will be “bowled over” with this bowling action that uses recycled plastic bottles and a little decorative imagination. Parental supervision is recommended
What you need:
Any number (such as 8-10) of plastic bottles (2 litre or 20 oz.), clean and dry
Masking tape or anything else to create your bowling “lanes.”
Stickers or shredded tissue paper, shiny cloth or “Easter basket” grass
Nerf or lightweight rubber ball
What to do:
Decorate bottles with stickers, or fill them using: tissue paper (bunched or shredded), shiny cloth, Easter grass).
Include an appropriate sized ball (Nerf or light weight rubber).
Set up your pins (plastic bottles) in a bowling-like arrangement, and use tape or other materials to define your bowling lanes (shorter lanes for younger children, of course)
Have fun. Keep score – or don’t!