Sunsational Sun Catcher


Stained glass windows are a beautiful way to brighten up the house. Your kids are going to enjoy this colorful activity that will last long after they’ve cleaned up the art project.
What you need:
Clear contact paper, cut into two 6-by-6-inch squares
Various colors of cellophane, cut into small pieces
Foil confetti or sequins in a variety of colors and shapes (use summertime colors and shapes for this activity)
Lid from a plastic margarine/butter container
Clear tape

Peel the backing off of one piece of contact paper and position the square on the table, sticky side up. Tape the contact paper to the table and hold it in place. Place the confetti and cellophane on the sticky side of the square of contact paper. Place another square of contact paper over the first to seal in the materials. Cut out the middle of the plastic margarine lid to create a doughnut shape. Create a frame for the sun catcher by cutting the filled contact paper to fit inside the doughnut, trimming the excess contact paper from around the edges. Use clear tape to hold the contact paper inside the lid. Punch a hold in the plastic, choose a color of ribbon, and tie it to the top of the lid to form a loop for hanging your sun catcher. Repeat with more colors and shapes for extra fun. Now your house will be bathed in the sun’s luminous glow with colors that dance around the room.

Source: 101 Great Gifts Kids Can Make by Stephanie Mueller and Ann Wheeler; reprinted with permission from Gryphon House, Inc., P.O. Box 10, 6848 Leon’s Way, Lewisville, NC, 27023. 800-638-0928.