Day 28: June 28

Activity: Crayon-Covered

Rock Paper Weight

Have your child make you a colorful rock paperweight to brighten up your desk!
What you will need:
Old crayons
Ziploc bag (sandwich size)
Smashing tool (hammer or mallet works)
Smooth, flat rocks (about fist size)
Aluminum foil or disposable pie tin
Felt scraps
White glue
The broken ends of old crayons are great for melting. To make a crayon-covered rock paperweight, gather old (or new) crayons and peel off the paper. Place the crayons in a sealed bag, then lay the bag on the sidewalk and smash the crayons into small pieces with a mallet or hammer. Place the rock selected for the paperweight in a pie tin or on foil in the bright sun and sprinkle it with the crayon pieces. Let the rock soak up the sun. Once the pieces have melted (but before they are too runny and sliding off the rock) bring the rock inside to cool so the crayon can dry and harden. Finally, glue a piece of felt to the bottom of your masterpiece to avoid scratching the desk. Watch your child grin ear to ear after turning a boring rock into a colorful functional office supply.